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Zebra Technologies

The Centuric-Zebra Synergy

Empowering modern solutions with Zebra's cutting-edge tablet technology

Centuric & Zebra Technologies: A Synergistic Alliance

At Centuric, we’ve always strived to integrate the most advanced technological solutions into our offerings. Our collaboration with Zebra Technologies represents a pinnacle in this mission. As a recognized Solution Provider, this partnership enables us to harness Zebra’s innovative tools like RFID Solutions, Barcode Printing, Scanning, and pivotal devices such as the ET 45-HC tablets. But our collaboration is not just about technology—it’s also about creating holistic, efficient, and integrated solutions for our clients.

Through our alignment with groundbreaking platforms like WITHmyDOC and the integration of advanced healthcare-centric solutions, this alliance uniquely positions Centuric and Zebra Technologies at the crossroads of innovation and practical application, propelling healthcare into a technologically-enriched future.

zebra technologies tablet
Unified Integration

Leveraging the best of both worlds, Centuric and Zebra Technologies seamlessly converge to redefine tech innovation.

Tailored Tech Solutions

Together, we craft bespoke tablet and tech solutions, ensuring every client's unique requirements are met.

Innovative Expertise

Drawing from Zebra's advanced tablet technologies and Centuric's implementation prowess, we set new industry standards.

End-to-End Support

From initial consultation to post-implementation, our collaborative approach ensures clients always have a trusted tech ally by their side.

Pioneering Comprehensive Solutions

Centuric's partnership with Zebra Technologies represents a fusion of innovation and expertise. As a recognized Solution Provider for Zebra, Centuric crafts advanced solutions from RFID to Barcode Printing, also leveraging flagship devices like the ET 45-HC tablets and TC52-HC for healthcare applications. The addition of ZD510-HC Wristband printers emphasizes our dedication to comprehensive and efficient solutions for our clients.

The future is here now

Zebra Technologies

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate with ease through intuitive touchscreens optimized for diverse operations.

Rugged Build and Design

Engineered to withstand tough conditions and frequent usage.

Extended Battery Life

Stay powered longer with tablets designed for extended use without frequent charges.

Integrated Scanning Capabilities

Effortless barcode scanning for efficient data retrieval and validation.

Top-Tier Security

Prioritizing data protection with state-of-the-art security features.

Seamless Connectivity

Enjoy consistent and dependable wireless connections for uninterrupted tasks.

Patient Scanning Precision

Revolutionizing healthcare with Zebra's advanced scanning technology.

Innovative Collaborations with ISVs: The Case of WITHmyDOC

Centuric's partnership with Zebra Technologies goes beyond just leveraging high-end devices; it encompasses collaborations with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to amplify our offerings. One standout partnership is with WITHmyDOC, a Zebra-certified ISV optimized for Zebra tablets. Renowned as an innovative Remote Patient Monitoring and Virtual Healthcare platform, WITHmyDOC synergizes flawlessly with Zebra's cutting-edge PTT technology. This joint effort showcases our dedication to providing clients with pioneering, impactful solutions.

A Spectrum of Healthcare-centric Solutions

Through our partnership with Zebra Technologies, we provide a wide range of technology-driven healthcare solutions. Our offerings span from Bedside Care and Patient Monitoring to Asset Tracking and beyond. We also address current challenges, like the Covid-19 pandemic, with specialized solutions. Combining Zebra's advanced technology with Centuric's expertise, we're innovatively transforming healthcare.

zebra technologies tablet

Zebra Technologies Tablets

Discover the future of seamless connectivity with Zebra's cutting-edge tablets.

Fast delivery

Get your tech essentials swiftly, without the wait.

Zebra warranty

Peace of mind with Zebra's trusted protection plan.

Nurse in a healthcare setting using a Zebra tablet for patient care

Redefining Durability & Performance: Zebra’s Rugged Tablets at Centuric

Centuric brings you Zebra’s rugged tablets – a perfect fusion of durability and high-performance technology. With advanced data capture and superior connectivity, these tablets are designed to thrive in tough conditions. Contact Centuric today to elevate your business with Zebra’s rugged tablets. … Read More

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