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Fortifying Manufacturing: Key Cybersecurity Tactics for Industry Leaders

Discover the latest strategies to safeguard your manufacturing operations. Learn from top experts in the field and protect your business from evolving cyber threats.


Moderated by

Frank Peluso

Chief Security Officer, Centuric

Frank Peluso, CISSP, is the Chief Security Officer at Centuric, a leading IT and MSP provider. Frank brings over 20 years of expertise in cybersecurity, specializing in protecting manufacturing environments from emerging threats.


Guest Speakers

Adam Bdeir

IT Director, Decimal Engineering
Adam Bdeir is focused on implementing advanced cybersecurity measures at Decimal Engineering to protect sensitive manufacturing data and ensure robust IT infrastructure security.

Matt Scully

Senior Channel Development Manager – Kaseya

Matt Scully specializes in enhancing cybersecurity strategies for managed service providers, focusing on robust protection and compliance across various IT environments.

Hernan Londono

Chief Technology and Innovation Strategist for Education, Dell Technologies
Hernan Londono focuses on enhancing cybersecurity in educational institutions by modernizing IT infrastructures to protect against evolving cyber threats.

Tamecka McKay

Chief Information Officer, City of Fort Lauderdale
Tamecka McKay is focused on enhancing the City of Fort Lauderdale’s cybersecurity posture by implementing advanced data protection and recovery solutions to safeguard city services against cyber threats and natural disasters

Come Learn Live

Expert Insights

Gain valuable knowledge from industry leaders on the latest cybersecurity trends.

Strategic Planning

Learn effective measures to secure your manufacturing operations.

Best Practices

Discover tried-and-true methods to enhance your cybersecurity defenses.

Impact Analysis

Understand the broader implications of comprehensive security on manufacturing processes.

Insights from Industry Leaders

“In manufacturing, cybersecurity should drive value outcomes. Prioritizing it from the start ensures resiliency and the foundation for scaling digital technologies.”

Barbara Frei, Schneider Electric

“Today’s cyberattacks exploit weaknesses in manufacturing ecosystems. Enhancing cybersecurity demands a combination of technologies, processes, and capabilities to ensure secure operations.”

McKinsey & Company

“The manufacturing industry faces significant cybersecurity risks. Prioritizing cybersecurity is vital for protecting data, maintaining operational integrity, and ensuring long-term success.”

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