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VPCIN Setup is easy
with Centuric

Once your business needs are determined, select and customize your VPCIN size and operating system. Within minutes, your server can be accessed online through Centuric’s interface and client portal. Upgrade or remove unused features instantly as your business needs change.

Allow us to manage your

Centuric offers a host of management services for businesses that do not have internal resources to manage their VPCIN, or would simply rather focus on other aspects of their business.

Built on one of the most reliable
networks available

Centuric is built on one of the most reliable and high-performance networks available in the industry. With a dependable and redundant design, we guarantee a high degree of operational uptime, helping your business maintain uninterrupted productivity.


Virtual Private Cloud Isolated Network

More than just hosted containers or virtual servers: Scalable, Affordable and Self-Manageable. The Centuric High Availability Cloud Servers are highly scalable, efficient and secure, built on a state-of-the-art infrastructure located in Tier 4 facilities. With 10 years of experience in building communication infrastructure along with the highest level of IOPS per cloud server, Centuric can give you peace of mind when it comes to data protection and immediate availability. The easily configured Wizard software is advanced enough to handle the most serious server environments. But it remains user-friendly so you don’t need the expertise of an IT consultant, saving you the expense.

Why do you need a VPCIN?

Cloud servers offer many benefits that on-premises servers don’t. Imagine a world where you can control your computing costs, pay only for what you use, grow your business and stop wasting money on underutilized IT infrastructure.

Simplicity: Traditionally adding new servers meant you had to verify that systems were compatible, test and justify the cost. There were also additional labor requirements and scheduling resources, slowing down production as a whole. But with cloud servers, you can add and remove those same resources on demand, as you go. With a user-friendly interface and a client portal, you can manage your resources at the time of need.

Security: VPCIN offer many benefits that on-premises servers don’t. Every additional server in the network creates another point for a security breach. With Cloud servers there’s no added cost for specialized and expensive security devices or for maintaining skilled personnel to manage a secure environment. Plus, Centuric’s security engineers are continually analyzing and evaluating new security threats and staying up to date on the best practice solutions.

Reliability: It’s an unreliable world so gaining reliability is the main reason you want to move to the cloud. We all know hard drives can fail, disk space goes bad and memory runs out. With HA Cloud Servers, you can trust your systems.